Flash-Off! is a useful application that allows you to turn Macromedia Flash on and off in your Internet Explorer browser.

There is nothing like reading the daily news from your favorite news web site and then…suddenly having a dog or a man (an advertisement!) block what you were reading and have it walk across your web browser! Argh! A Flash advertisement!!!

Well, that is why I wrote NoFlash. Unzip NoFlash.zip and place NoFlash.exe anywhere you want and place a shortcut to it in your startup folder. Run NoFlash and it sits in your system tray. Double clicking the tray icon turns it (Macromedia Flash) on or off. When you want to disable Flash, double click it and the icon changes to one with a red slash through it. Double click again and your current web browser closes and a new browser opens up at the same page you were viewing and Flash is enabled. You can also right click the icon and use the menu to turn Flash on and off.


■ Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and above

■ PIII type processor 666 MHz or faster (P4 Highly recommended)

■ 256 Mb RAM