Flash Saver Maker is a useful software with the help of which you can make flash screensaver from your favorite Macromedia Flash movies or from your Flash executable files.

You can make flash screensaver direct from your Flash .SWF files, or from your Flash executable files.

It is even possible to select multiple Flash files in one time, Flash Saver Maker plays them one by one, and then loops movies!

If you like, you can turn all sound coming from flash files off, and add mp3, midi or wav sound files as your own flash screensaver background sounds!

No programming skills needed: just add flash files to your screensaver with a point-and-click. It only takes you about 1 minute to have your own flash screensaver.

With build and send function, you can create self-installing flash screensaver and with the click of a button email your flash screensaver to your friends and family.

Here are some key features of "Flash Saver Maker":

■ Support Macromedia Flash 4, Flash 5, Flash 6, Flash MX

■ Support Flash exe (projector) and SWF files

■ Support multiple Flash files from local directories

■ Allow you to turn all sound coming from the projector file on/off, and play Mp3, midi or Wave sound files as background sounds

■ Select the way of screensaver exiting on mouse move, mouse click or key press

■ Display Flash files in normalize or random order

■ Flash files can be previewed as thumbnails

■ Password protection is supported

■ Royalty-Free distribution

■ Online registration available

■ All upgrades are FREE to registered users

■ And so on...

What's New in This Release:

■ Support Flash 7 flash movies, enhance background color selector.