Flash ScreenSaver Builder allows you to use Flash SWF files in screen savers along with images, text, and multimedia. It features many transition effects, command language, installer option, wizard, and templates for one-step screen savers with flash and/or images.

There are 84 image transition effects to play with, command for moving images and text across the screen, random coordinates, letter-by-letter effect for showing text. You can place all visual components, including Flash, on the same screen if necessary.

A screensaver becomes Web enabled when you use the option to assign a hot key that automatically opens a web browser with a selected URL when the user presses it to exit a screensaver.

The program can also produce brand-free installer EXE files for installing and uninstalling a screensaver with preview option.

The media file formats that are supported: AVI, WAV, MP3 and SWF.

Here are some key features of "Flash ScreenSaver Builder":

■ Flash-to-SCR and Direct Flash quick tools turn any flash file into standard screen saver

■ Step-by-step wizard

■ Screen saver templates for folders with images and/or flash files

■ Powerful command language for advanced users

■ Makes brand-free screen saver installer

■ 84 image transition effects

■ Letter-by-letter text display

■ Supports WAV, AVI, MID, MP3, SWF media files

■ Makes interactive screensavers based on flash files


■ 42-day trial

■ Unlicensed copy of the program can create .SCR files with max. 20 lines of screen saver code. However, you can still preview screen savers with unlimited number of lines of screen saver code and save them to .FSD file format for later use.

■ Make install command for external .SCR files is not available before registering the program.

■ One-Step Screen Saver wizard is limited to first 5 files of each type it reads from the selected folder.

■ All screen savers created with unlicensed (unregistered) copy of Flash ScreenSaver Builder have our info screen embedded at the beginning. Once the program is licensed and accepts your unique registration code, it automatically stops embedding that info screen. Of course, screen savers created with unlicensed version of the program have to be re-created with licensed version if it is necessary to remove our info screen from the beginning.