FlashBackup is a Windows freebie that enables users to back up local folders with just a few clicks.

Although you don't need advanced computer experience to figure out the purpose of each feature, rookies may still need to check the available documentation when it comes to some specific built-in utilities.

Users are prompted from the very beginning to choose the output folder for all backups, but also to input the location of the zip and unzip utilities, as the application uses the WinZip command line utility.

Creating a backup of an important folder is easy as pie because the intuitive GUI simply asks you to select the target folder and configure the process.

FlashBackup supports incremental backups too, which means that you can easily track file modifications, while also creating new backups automatically.

Of course, you are allowed to view backup content and extract files at any given moment, again with the help of a very straightforward layout.

A help section is available too and this is quite an important addition given the fact that some of the users may require additional computer knowledge.

FlashBackup doesn't hamper system performance and it works like a charm on most Windows versions, without the need for administrator privileges on Windows 7 machines, unless you are trying to back up system-protected folders.

All things considered, FlashBackup is a handy piece of software, but a more user-friendly approach could easily attract more users. A wizard for example may lend a hand to beginners, while also making the whole backup process a lot faster.