FlasherShop is a quick and easy solution to create Flash animations with professionally designed Flash templates.

FlasherShop creates real-time animation effects for Macromedia Flash in minutes. FlasherShop consists of an easy to use interface for creating complex effects with only a few clicks of the mouse.

You can create text, picture, sound effects. You can preview your animation inside FlasherShop without launching a browser or external player. It can convert SWF to EXE, EXE to SWF and convert your Flash movies into screen savers.

Here are some key features of "FlasherShop":

■ Quick Start Wizard - create flash in 1 minute;

■ WYSIWYG design, layout and preview;

■ Image gallery;

■ Background color and picture;

■ Background sound;

■ Ready-to-use and adjustable animated text effects;

■ Real-time editing of animation;

■ Flash player, you can one frame by step or drag and drop to play flash;

■ Import pictures (bmp, jpg) and audio (wav, mp3);

■ Export Flash;

■ Convert SWF to EXE, and convert EXE to SWF;

■ Set as Screen Saver, Convert flash as Screen Saver;

■ Support DBCS(Double Byte Character Set, Chinese, Japanese, Korean)


■ A notice will be displayed when you start the program.