Flash/SWF to GIF/AVI is an application that can convert SWF files to the GIF, AVI and MP3 extension.

The user interface of the program is easy to navigate through. You can open an SWF by using the file browser (the "drag and drop" method is not supported).

So, you can preview the video on the left side of the screen, set the output destination, adjust the wave out and master volume, select sound recorder device and capture frames.

But you can also get the sound file, crop the video, zoom in and out, configure GIF settings (e.g. best quality, smaller size, grayscale), AVI options (bitrate, quality, profile), change the background color, and more.

The program uses a moderate quantity of system resources and includes a step-by-step tutorial. Output files have a good image and sound quality and they are converted in a short amount of time.

On the other hand, you could have been given the possibility of configuring more advanced settings (e.g. aspect ratio, sample frequency rate), and the interface could have welcomed some improvements.

Also, the shareware version has some limitations (for example, the output files bear a watermark of the developer right in the center of the image). All in all, Flash/SWF to GIF/AVI is a good program for converting SWF files but it still needs some improvements. Even so, we suggest you test this tool for yourself.