Fleep is a stylish and innovative application that enables you to chat with any of your friends or acquaintances and share files with ease. Its main advantage is that it can send messages to anyone, not just owners of a Fleep account, provided a valid e-mail address is available.

The modern-looking interface provides one-click access to all the initiated conversations, enabling you to start a new one with ease. A conversation can have as many members as you want and you can create a private chat area with any of them.

Adding a new person to a conversation is very easy, since all you have to do is enter the desired e-mail address to the list. Moreover, you can easily create a contact list, either manually or by importing contacts from Google+.

Fleep enables you to exchange text messages with others, accompanied by emoticons to make the chatting session more entertaining and interesting. In addition to this, you can send files as attachments to your friends and colleagues. Those who don't own a Fleep account will receive the message and the attachments directly in their inbox and any reply will be redirected back to your Fleep account.

The application can be configured to send you an e-mail notification whenever a new message is received, so that you don't miss out on your friend's replies. Important messages can be easily pinned so that you don't have to search for it among hundreds of text lines.

Fleep facilitates communication and team work, regardless of the device you are using. Conversation history is automatically synchronized across your computer and mobile devices that have Fleep installed on, enabling you to access it and read your messages no matter where you are.