FLICKR FAST DOWNLOADER is a reliable download manager that enables you to quickly and safely acquire images and video contents from the Flickr hosting website. The software is simple to use, lightweight and allows you to download contents from your own account or from other users’.

FLICKR FAST DOWNLOADER features a modern looking GUI that makes the downloading experience quick and convenient for you. It features several options that you can modify, in order to customize the content download. Thus, you may easily choose to download all or only the selected items, set the destination folder or the image size.

The image size can easily be set from the Settings menu, by selecting the desired option: small, medium, large or original. Any option, other than the original size determines all the images to be automatically resized. However, the software does not mention the exact resolution.

FLICKR FAST DOWNLOADER is not a web browser, therefore you view media contents from the hosting website unless you login. The software prompts you to take that particular step, before you can use it. You may connect straight to Flick or use your email account to receive authentication to your account.

Once logged in, you can view and download any image or video from your own account or from those of other members. You may view your entire photo collection, browse the contents by albums and selectively download the content. You may even create a backup for your account contents, right from the first page. Moreover, it features a searching engine that allows you to find any image/video that you wish, on your account or on Flickr.

FLICKR FAST DOWNLOADER is a simple to use application that enables you to search or download images and videos from Flickr with a few mouse clicks. Moreover, you can open any image/videos using the built-in image viewer. This function allows you to also view the next picture thumbnails, as well as access the correspondent Flickr page in your browser.