Being able to promote products efficiently usually results in increased revenue, though it's not always easy to create appealing brochures that can increase awareness in your products, especially if you don't have the right tools for that.

One of the applications that you can take advantage of when it comes to creating shopping books is Flip Shopping Catalog, providing you with increased ease-of-use, as well as with support for multiple output file formats.

The software allows you to create Flash shopping catalogs fast by simply adding to them the images and other multimedia content and by arranging everything in the manner that suits you best.

You can add interactive photo and video galleries to your future Flash books, while also being able to include hyperlinks and various descriptions to each of them.

With the help of this application, you can provide users with the possibility to purchase products directly from the shopping catalog, by integrating add-to-cart buttons to the Flash book.

You can add buy services to the Flash catalogs, and you can also include links to the pages on which your products are fully detailed, which makes it easier for users not only to buy your products, but also to stay better informed on them.

The software allows you to create Flash catalogs without having to write any lines of code, so that you can focus on the products you want to promote and on the aspect of the book.

You can apply effects to your catalogs, including a page-flipping effect, which offers a more realistic look for your books, thus making them more attractive and user-friendly.

The application is snappy, both when it comes to loading images or videos from your computer and when it comes to compiling them into Flash catalogs. It also offers fast exporting capabilities.

All in all, Flip Shopping Catalog is an easy-to-use, snappy application that provides users with the possibility to build Flash books for products with only a few mouse clicks. It does not require advanced computer skills to be used, and also offers fast performance capabilities.