CSV (comma-separated values) files are store each record in a separate line, and the fields of each record are separated by commas, hence its name.

Modifying the contents of such documents requires dedicated tools, especially if you are looking to also analyze the data and preview it in a chart. Flow CSV Editor is such a solution.

You need to have valid Microsoft Store credentials in order to download and install this utility to your computer. You also need to make sure your PC is running the most recent Windows iteration.

The GUI of Flow CSV Editor is user-friendly and neatly organized, so you can easily select one or more files to be opened in individual tabs. You can save all currently loaded files in a project so that you can access them all at a later time.

As soon as you add a file, its records are immediately displayed and the corresponding chart is generated. You can not only modify the values, but you can redefine and rename them.

You can also insert new formulas and sort the record ascending or descending. The displayed plot can be saved as an image and placed in your clipboard so you can paste it where needed.

You can tamper with the default colors used within the graph with only as much as single mouse click. New cells can be created by simply dragging a variable name to the dedicated section.

You can set the mouse wheel to scroll horizontally, vertically or both, according to your necessities. The legend and the grid can be visible or hidden, as you see fit.

To sum things up, Flow CSV Editor can become your go-to solution for exploring and changing strings within your CSV files.