FlowCrypt is the free encryption service that is offered via a Chrome extension and will change the way you send messages and attachments because it enables access to privacy at no cost.

Firstly, PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy and it refers to an encryption method that allows us to encrypt emails and content. The method is used for encrypting and decrypting text files and uses hashing that results in data compression. It is structured on the bipartition public-key/private-key. From plaintext (the message to be encrypted), PGP computes a hash and creates a digital signature using the private key. It is a common, yet effective mechanism.

Thus, FlowCrypt will use the briefly described technology to help you encrypt and send emails securely. Everything we previously detailed just happens in the background so you don't have to worry if you don't understand exactly how the PGP encryption works. What is really important is that FlowCrypt integrates with your mail system amazingly well. It works smoothly and guides you, step-by-step, on how to safely encrypt your content.

The Chrome extension is fantastic. The integration with your email is seamlessly done. For example, if you are using Gmail and you are logged in the current session, it detects that and asks for permission to access your account to encrypt messages. The initial setup is super simple, easy to follow, even for amateurs who don't understand encryption at all. You have to choose your passphrase to protect your email and are skillfully guided on how to do it.

For more advanced users, you can even choose your encryption key type. It defaults to RSA 2048-bit, but you can change it to ECC Curve25519 or RSA 4096-bit. There are also instructions on how to access your public key, which you might need when expecting an email from someone. The tool is also really helpful when having to send encrypted content to those who do not use the service. You send the email, set a password, they receive it, enter the pass you set, and securely access the email. Do not worry if you don't know whether or not your recipient uses FlowCrypt. You will be notified by the system when it is required to set the password.

To summarize, FlowCrypt is an excellent choice for both amateurs and knowledgeable people. The tool is extremely easy to use and understand. It integrates perfectly with your mailing provider. For example, in Gmail, above the 'Compose' email button, it will add a FlowCrypt 'Secure Compose' button that allows you to access the encryption service directly from your email.

When accessing your emails, you will see visual cues of the applied encryption with distinctive visuals (for a normal email, the green lock that shows active encryption, and the 'See Original' badge that obviously indicates a link towards the non-secure version of the message). FlowCrypt is an excellent web service and an amazing Chrome extension that should be your email encryption choice.