We're beginning to sort of a trend in the last few years, with email gradually but surely losing precious ground in front of internal social networking and complex collaboration apps.

And for a good reason, we would say, since collaboration apps, if implemented and used right, have the potential to help your team save a lot of time which will ultimately lead to increase productivity. Information becoming more widely accessible and more searchable within the team is also something that's helped collaboration apps become so popular.

Flowdock is one such collaboration tool that aims help your team stay as connected, as well-organized and as focused on the job at hand as possible. The recipe is a typical one, with a clear-cut and distraction-free environment that's mainly built around communication tools.

You get all the standard instant messenger tools (with the possibility for individual or group chat), video and audio chat, and support for screen and file sharing and lots of other options for indexing and filtering the information.

However, a collaboration tool that can't handle your already existing project management or version control tools you depend on is not an excellent one to start with. This is not the case here, though, as one of the app's highlights unmistakably stems from its impressive integration capabilities.

For instance, it comes with support for CA Agile Central, Basecamp, Blossom, Breeze, Deveo, Gemini, Jell, JIRA, Trello, BitBucket, Git, Gitblit, GitHub, GitLab, Subversion, Confluence, Remine, MediaWiki, Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, Codeship, Travis CI, Wercker, DNS Check, Honeybadger, Sentry and Zabbix, just to name a few.

Based on its feature-set alone, it's quite clear that Flowdock is a very competent collaboration app that has the potential to improve the real-time teamwork by bringing all conversations, emails, and other project management tools in a single place.

The app's modern looking and versatile interface, the fact that it comes with support for all major desktop and mobile OSes out there, and the overall accessible price tag are all things that might also sway you and your team to give it a chance.