Topiary art is a discipline that combines the gardening with sculpting, resulting in bushes shaped like animals and other odd shapes. While building a clock made of flowers isn't exactly topiary art, they are nonetheless a wonder to behold.

Flower Clock 3D Screensaver is a desktop enhancement tool that might inspire you to build your own clock in your backyard.

This screensaver impresses with the bright colors it chose and the idea itself. The music is both relaxing and lighthearted, and the entire atmosphere makes you feel ad if it is the middle of spring. The flowers are nicely rendered and so are the butterflies that soar above them.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks regarding this app is the camera movement and the animations. First off, the camera moves way to fast for you to be able to admire are the details that are there, and the clock's hand do not move at all, instead, they instantly shift from one position to another, giving the entire ensemble an unrealistic feel.

Some performance issues were noticed during testing on Windows 10 and a 1920x1080 monitor. The app did not manage to maintain a steady FPS value throughout its run, with the camera consistently lagging. The shadows also flickered and disappeared randomly as the camera panned over the various objects. Other than that, no other severe issues were noticed.

If however these issues bother you, or you encounter graver ones due to an old computer system, then you mid consider lowering the graphics and audio settings from the screensaver manager.

Flower Clock 3D Screensaver is a great app to add to any digital library, especially the dated ones since it will surely add a splash of color and a more natural feel to your PC.