Even with advanced image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop some tasks are handled easier with the help of well-crafted plug-ins.

Fluid Mask is such an add-on, created to help users make more accurate selections of various areas of an image.

The tool brings to the table a fine array of options that allow cutting with precision and remove unwanted content.

It can be used outside Photoshop and the installation process is a classic one that requires following the instructions on the screen in order to complete it.

The interface is simple and straightforward, with the brushes and selection tools available in the left hand side of the application window, while the edge finding and blending controls are present in the right part.

For users not familiar with the tools present in the application there is also an area that provides a brief description as soon as they are selected.

In the upper part of the screen there is the possibility to adjust the size of the brush and its strength; the latter determines how far the area of the stroke extends. Careful calibration is advisable as improper usage may lead to filling other objects.

Working with Fluid Mask is not too difficult and according to the developer the time required for achieving fine mask selections is trimmed down significantly.

Fluid Mask should not be too difficult to work with, even for less experienced users. It provides a straightforward interface that includes descriptions of the tools for a better understanding.