Multimedia sharing is one of the modern means of exchanging information. Usually, you need a dedicated desktop software utility to record videos or capture your screen and not all fulfill both functions. However, if you are using Chrome, then you are among the lucky ones who can use Fluvid, which can do it all: record and share the screen with or without webcam, share videos and even live-streaming. The fact that it is nothing more than a simple extension for Chrome is only the cherry on top.

Installing Fluvid is easy, just like any other add-on for Google Chrome. You can look for the new icon in the browser’s toolbar, right next to the address bar. Clicking on it prompts you to login to your account or sign up. Logging in with Google or Facebook is possible.

The popup window of Fluvid enables you to toggle between the two available modules, namely screen recording and live-streaming. Overall, it is extremely intuitive and easy to get accustomed to. Obviously, the extension will require access to your webcam and your microphone to function properly.  Screen and webcam recording and live-streaming.

With Fluvid, you can record and share your screen activity with or without integrating your webcam streaming. This is perfect for creating and recording tutorials or for running demonstrations in meetings and training sessions, especially since working from home is the new normal these days.

As mentioned before, you can opt to capture either the screen, the webcam or both. Furthermore, Fluvid can target the entire desktop or just the current browser tab. Advanced options include a recording timer, drawing tools, system sound recording and more, but these are not available in the Basic edition.

As for live-streaming, you must go through a series of settings to set up your session. A unique streaming URL is generated, and you can give it a custom name and assign it a description. Also, you can set the streaming privacy and toggle stream recording.

One cannot deny that Fluvid is one of the Chrome extensions you want to have on your computer. It is an all-in-one tool, which enables screen and webcam recording with such ease directly from the browser, raising the bar for traditional desktop software. Thanks to the simple options and its user-friendly layout, operating it poses no difficulties.