Depending on the device you like to use most often, you might occasionally need to convert your preferred video and audio files to other formats before getting them to work on your device. HooTech FLV MP4 Converter can help you transcode your multimedia for playback on your iOS devices.

The interface of the application is well organized and beginners should not encounter any difficulty in adding their files to the list (drag and drop is also supported), then specify the target format they prefer.

One can select individual files, entire folders or DVDs, as the application can process them all and correctly convert them. Furthermore, it can merge them all and generate a single large output file or convert each of them to a separate item.

Before completing the conversion process, it is advisable to access the Options window and specify the default output folder, otherwise the My Documents folder of Windows will be used. The destination directory can be automatically launched after all the tracks have been successfully processed.

The Settings window of HooTech FLV MP4 Converter is also the place where users can choose to keep the creation or modification attributes of the original file, rather than creating new values.

Furthermore, experienced users can customize various details of the output video, such as the quality level, frame rate, size or aspect ratio. They can also choose to disable audio for the encoded file, if they are only interested in the video frames.

To wrap it up, HooTech FLV MP4 Converter can be more than an application that can be used by novices to encode their multimedia tracks to other formats - experts can also rely on the tool to generate personalized versions of the source files. However, purchasing a license is needed to unlock the full functionality of the software solution.