The Internet is home to all forms of entertainment. All of your favorite movies and songs can be found there and, in some cases even downloaded. However, not all file formats that end up on your hard disk drive can be played by every device or media player. Luckily, applications like FLV Converter gives you the chance to minimize compatibility issues.

Clever design of the interface allows you to load desired items quick, and before you know it they are converted to the specified format. The first of three tabs strictly refers to technical details.

You are required to fill in a few fields with specific info, such as the output type and quality, as well as a destination folder. Files can be converted to some of the most common formats like MP3, WMV, AVI with the possibility to select a “Manual Conversion” option for a more in depth approach.

However, doing so brings up a small window which, in spite of useful details that are displayed, is relatively difficult to work with.

Additionally, a slider lets you boost the volume up to 200%, and also a trim tool is available. Unfortunately, you must specify the exact start and end time where trimming is done, because of the lack of a preview section.

Hitting the “Convert Video” button puts the process in motion and takes you to the “Activity” tab where you find enlisted the selected videos and their completion status. A button allows you to quickly bring up the destination directory to view the result.

Moreover, switching to the last tab you find a built in media player to enjoy music or movies. The idea is good, but it would have been useful to see the small player in the conversion tab to be of use when trimming.

To sum it up, FLV Converter is a handy and quick utility for video processing. It gets the job done good, but the overall impression is far from considering it a pro. It may be a little rough around the edges and makes only for an average experience.