While there are quite a lot of Pomodoro based extensions or apps out there, few of them have tried to add extra features to the already intriguing studying technique. Focus To-Do Pomodoro Timer & To Do List aims at combining the power of the Pomodoro way with that of to-do lists, creating a Chrome extension that reaches far beyond the educative role of the technique itself. It attempts to raise your productivity and organizational skills.

The Pomodoro technique has a smaller role here

While the Pomodoro technique implied by the name of the addon remains an important feature, this piece of software seems to revolve around the effects of the two combined concepts. Just by looking at it, you realize the extension aims to organize and to raise efficiency as a whole. Apart from having the ability to create projects or tasks for various days of the week, you can also view a report of your activities, the completion percentage and so on. It could very easily pass as a task tracker if it were not for the Pomodoro side.

The To-Do list is complete, yet payment is required

While the extension itself has quite a huge palette of options, the downside to this is the payment a user must make in order to gain full access to all the features of the addon. Additionally, an account is required to have all your data continuously backed up. Focus To-Do Pomodoro Timer & To Do List is one of those extensions that can cause addiction. It helps you organize your tasks so well, while also helping you manage them, that you will find it hard to give up once you subscribe to it.

Focus To-Do Pomodoro Timer & To Do List is a complete extension. It offers users a lot of functionality and it does not restrain its use for browser-related stuff, only. In fact, it's ties with Chrome makes it even more accessible, from other devices, portable ones and so on. You can try the addon for free and decide if the benefits it promotes are satisfactory enough.