When you have multiple tasks that need to completed at the same time, you might have trouble prioritizing them.

FocusBit is one of the solutions that can help you concentrate your efforts on one job at a time, so as to become more efficient.

One of the most important features of FocusBit is that it does not require any installation onto the host computer.

Since it is portable, you can store it on your USB thumb drive and launch the app whenever you want to focus on your tasks.

The graphic interface of FocusBit is uncluttered, so you do not need to waste time understanding its functions.

As soon as you are ready to work on a new task, simply enter its name and specify how much time you want to spend completing it.

You can configure the utility to display notifications as time goes by, so you always know how much time you have left. You can easily disable these notifications, if you find that having a constant reminder of the time left to be too much pressure.

Alternatively, you can track the time passing using the progress animations of the tray system icon or the taskbar icon.

A handy function of FocusBit is exploring all the past jobs you have completed so far, along with the time you allocated to each one.

You can also set up a list with upcoming ones, so you do not forget about them.

All in all, FocusBit can offer a helping hand to all those who can't manage to complete projects before their deadline. You can split a larger job in smaller tasks, and, due to this app, complete them one by one, without any distractions.