When certain applications require capabilities or services that are beyond the capacity or even scope of their holding operating system, so called middleware programs are used, in order to bridge the gap between the available and the required functionality.

Built with such integration demeanors in mind, Foldda Integrator will provide users with the means of performing various tasks, such as data handling, file parsing, filtering, and routing, as well as network interfacing. Furthermore, database access and write operations are also provided, together with data transformation and support for HL7 and CSV formats.

Constructing a middleware framework with the help of Foldda Integrator will require no programming, as well as no Integrated Development Environments. Through a GUI-based approach, it allows for direct development of such middleware solutions.

Some of the other notable features that are provided by the application are the real-time visual feedback for all the data processing, as well as a customizable logging-patter, which is specifically offered for alert and monitoring configuration.

Being deployed as a portable package, the application can be stored on any device, meaning that users can take it with them regardless of where they prefer to undertake their workflow and subsequent processes.