Handling large amounts of data and folders requires great attention and good memory. Losing a folder or accidentally moving it somewhere else can create problems when trying to rediscover it.

Manually searching for a folder can be tiring and exhaustive, especially when you have directories that contain a lot of subfolders, that, in turn, contain other subfolders, and so on.

A folder search application could be a lifesaver, because it could retrieve all folders and subfolders contained by a directory.

Folder Size Calculator is such a tool; it allows you to search for folders within other folders.

Folder Size Calculator features a powerful folder filter that allows you to find directories by their size. After selecting a parent folder, you can set a certain value of occupied disk memory, then use the application to search only for folders that are higher or lower than the specified size.

Besides the size filter, Folder Size Calculator lets you select the number of subfolders you want displayed . By performing a in-depth search, the application displays all the folders and subfolders that it finds, limited to the level you provided.

Folder Size Calculator allows you to display the resulting data as grid or list, depending on your needs. It shows the full path of a directory and allows you to access it, which saves you from the hassle of manually searching for it.

Besides displaying the path and size of a directory, Folder Size Calculator can also display error logs, which helps you find out which files are accessible an which contain runtime errors.

The error files do not cont to the size displayed by a parent folder and do not appear in the main window.

Folder Size Calculator gives you the possibility to find folders and display a list with all the other directories that it contains, thus increasing your working speed and overall efficiency.