You might need to be well-aware of the entire structure on your PC, or a particular storage drive. Sure enough you can view a customizable list directly in File Explorer, but it’s rather difficult to share this info with anyone else. Luckily, specialized applications like FolderScavenger can gather all sorts of details and bundle them into customizable reports.

On the visual side of things, the application manages to keep things simple, presenting its set of features in a single window, without making you feel overwhelmed. On the bright side of things, there’s the possibility to create and save different configurations to deal with particular folder structures in your own manner.

Needless to say that you start off by selecting the directory of interest, and this needs to be done through the browse dialog, because drag and drop is not supported, and it doesn’t create a context menu item. Files aren’t shown directly, but there is a preview section which shows the layout based on your configuration.

Depending on the info you need, there’s the possibility to set up file file filters based on extension and name. More than that, you need to also choose the composition type, which can be based on a template, MySQL insert statement, as well as tab or comma separated values, either with or without quotes.

Additional options can be used to include header line, show hidden files, show folders in the list, or recurse folders. There are various types of data you can include in the report, such as extension, filename, size, date, folder, path, as well as several MP3 tags like album, artist, or song title. The report can be printed, or sent to clipboard so you manually insert it where needed.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that FolderScavenger is a reliable application to use in case you want to gather various details on content of a specific folder. A neat variety of details can be selected, as well as several report types, which can be printed or sent to clipboard.