Be it that you wish to avoid privacy issues when using social media platforms, wanting to benefit from specific gaming features, or simply for personal reasons, being able to change the location of your iOS device, or, more specifically, to “fake” it, can be a challenging task. This oftentimes will involve rooting or, “jailbreaking” your device, in order to be able to access the required features to do so.

However, specialized apps, such as FoneGeek iOS Location Changer will offer users a dedicated solution for such issues. Designed specifically in order to allow one to alter the location of an iOS device, without having to resort to the “jailbreak” technique.

The application offers a “one-click” procedure for altering the location and even allows users to designate their own, custom route. Therefore, they will be able to customize a segment between two or multiple map locations.

A range of location-based apps, commonly used, such as Pokemon Go, Ingress, or those from the AR game family and more, is supported. The altered location can then be shared directly on the required social media platforms and by using the app, one will be able to access geo-restricted content.