If you own an iOS device you already know that a system back-up is mandatory as well as a dependable tool that can recover lost data in a simple and straightforward way. FoneLab iOS System Recovery is a neat tool that can give you a helping hand regarding the above-mentioned processes.

Even if you are new to this type of activity, the app's interface will guide your hand. Every category has its panel, and a well-placed home button allows for fluid navigation through the app and ensured you could get back to step one if any issues arise on your way.

Device Firmware Update is a different mode from normal recovery mode. DFU mode allows you to put your iPhone into a state where it still can connect with iTunes without loading the operating system or boot loader. It is not always necessary to put your iPhone into DFU mode, unless you want to upgrade or downgrade the firmware, jailbreak your iPhone, unlock your SIM, or other situations that normal recovery mode isn’t working for you to get your device back to working condition.

If you want to keep your data safe, a system backup is a way to go. The application lets you create a system backup that, in case of device damage or other physical or technical issues, can be recovered with a few clicks.

If you want to recover deleted or lost files, connect your device and perform a full scan. The results are going to be displayed neatly on categories and can also be a preview before recovery. From there you simply select what you want to salvage and send them to your PC.

FoneLab iOS System Recovery is a handy application that can deal with almost any iOS data issue. It can create backups, recover them, scan for lost or deleted data and also sports an intuitive and well-built interface.