Every individual has a personal writing style, while nearly every civilization differs in characters used. Since the computer nowadays is widely used to write, needless to say a large diversity of fonts can be used to customize any document, with applications like Font Wrangler providing an easy way to get fonts deployed on your system.

Running the application brings up an intuitive interface, with a file explorer letting you open directories fonts are located in, while another section displays all installed fonts. All of them are shown in the same style they deploy, but you can access a thorough character map by double-clicking a target font.

Deployment of new fonts is easily done, and only takes a few seconds. Amongst others, the application is also capable of displaying the structure of fonts, with technical details such as family class, size, designer, trademark and license info and more.

However, you need to manually gather all fonts in a single directory in order to make them visible in the list. There's no integrated search engine or automatic process that detects TTF files, nor the possibility to look up fonts online, which would have been more than useful.

Another missing search engine is for the list of installed items, which is rather annoying because it gets difficult to find fonts you want to uninstall. Additional options let you rename each font to make them easier to detect or print out the character map on a sheet of paper.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Font Wrangler has more to learn from others of its kind. The overall design is intuitive, making it easy to install and remove fonts, as well as navigate through your hard disk drive to find them, but the set of features it comes equipped with leaves a lot more to be desired, especially because of the lack of search engines both for already installed fonts or to search online.