Nature is the birthplace of all life, and our strolls through the woods act as a constant reminder of that fact. Forest Life 3D Screensaver is a software application that is here to show you just how complex a seemingly simple gathering of trees can be, and all the life that resides in it.

The app doesn't showcase incredibly accurate 3D renderings or shifting camera angles. Instead, it tries to charm you through the use of music and fine details.

Normally the thought of watching a spider web stretched out between two trees may not seem all that impressive, but Forest Life 3D Screensaver manages to prove otherwise.

It acts as an overview of what happens in a forest after it stopped raining, and you see the small inhabitants of the forest (bugs and spiders) going on with their everyday lives.

The lack of camera movements gives a timeless feel to the whole ensemble, making you feel as if you are spending hours on end staring at these little critters go on with their everyday lives.

Because of the simple graphics and lack of camera movements, it should come as no surprise that the app behaves flawlessly during testing.

However, if your system's specs lead to performance issues while running this app, such as low FPS values or the occasional screen lag, then you could just adjust the audio and graphics settings from inside the screensaver manager.

This ensures that you always enjoy the screensaver to its fullest, regardless of how old your PC is.

Forest Life 3D Screensaver impresses both with graphics and nice audio that makes you forget that what you are seeing is just a screensaver and not a window into a forest. This makes it a great addition to any nature lover's digital library.

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