Nothing can replace real-life experiences as far as gaining new skills is concerned, and while enrolling in internships can sometimes be quite difficult as well, especially when discussing high-risk professions, there are software solutions that can be of help.

One such utility is Forex Tester Lite, which was designed as a simulator of foreign exchange market, helping you learn how to trade on your own, without exposing yourself to the perspective of financial loss.

Sporting an intuitive interface, the program helps you experience real-life financial scenarios in an environment that allows you to study your errors and change them. There is also the possibility of adjusting the testing times in order to ditch gaps you are faced with under normal circumstances and that hinder you especially when trying to see the outcome of long-term strategies.

The simulator allows you to import historical data and study any currencies and periods of time, with a variety of market parameters being supported, such as swaps, spreads, and margins.

You can trade on history and execute orders as well as place pending orders and track open positions, with the result of all your actions being displayed in the “Profit” section.

The profit diagram will display the balance, equity, margin, and drawdown, with all the transactions being shown in a way that should raise no difficulty reading.

The program allows you to include indicators such as Bollinger Bands, FATL, Ishimoku, MACD, Price channel, and RSI. Also worth knowing is that the utility incorporates an annotation system, allowing you to modify the charts with painted shapes.

On an ending note, Forex Tester Lite is a complex piece of software emulating scenarios linked to transactions on the foreign exchange market. It is a tool with quite a lot of educational relevance for those trying to get into the industry without risking any amount of money and investing lots of times in the process.