Whether they store your information locally or in the cloud, password managers normally save data in an encrypted form and rely on a master key to regulate access. Naturally, this makes them vulnerable to keyloggers and various other types of attacks.

Forgiva is an intuitive application that offers an interesting alternative, as, instead of storing your passwords, it generates them on the spot based on a master key and visual confirmation system.

Unlike other password managers, this program does not require you to provide your account’s current password, as it will be generated automatically when the entry is added to the database. Of course, this means you need to update all your account credentials when switching to Forgiva, but this is something security experts recommend that you do regularly in any case.

You can define the new password’s length and complexity, and you are also required to provide a master key that, together with the visual confirmation system, will be used to generate the password whenever it is needed.

Your accounts can be organized into multiple categories, and a handy search function enables you to locate specific items more easily. Any number of new groups can be created, and you can also export and import data.

Unfortunately, while other users cannot obtain your passwords without knowing the master key and the symbol that was selected during the generation process, there is nothing preventing them from viewing your account names and deleting entries.

When not being used, Forgiva can be minimized to the system tray and then brought up by simply clicking the application’s icon. Novices should find it to be quite accessible, although it would have helped if a user manual were included.

On the whole, this is an interesting alternative to classic password managers, and users who prefer not to store any sensitive data locally, even in an encrypted form, may want to try it out. It needs some improvements, however, as it currently cannot prevent your data from being deleted by other users.