Whether you are a famous composer or a beginner musician, you still need to exercise your music notations and score sheets. In order to do so, you need a reliable tool that can help you compose or edit your score sheets.

FORTE Free is a compact application that can help you extract and edit the music sheets from various MIDI files. You can then rearrange the music scores and listen to the composition created.

The application can extract the score sheets from certain MIDI files or other specific formats, allowing you to edit and change the position of any note. Afterward, you can play your composition in order to check if it sounds as you wanted, or if it still needs some tweaking.

In addition, you can insert various notes, accents, chords, clefs and ornaments in order to improve any song you create. You can also change the tempo and stave meter, which can fasten or slow down your melody.

While playing a song, you can activate the “Metronome” function in order to check the timing of each music score. This way, you can slow down the tempo of your song, in case it plays faster than intentioned.

FORTE Free can import all sorts of music files, such as MIDI, FNF, KAR, MXL, CAPX or MMM. This ensures a wide range of files to choose from making this tool very flexible. Additionally, the application allows you to send your music sheet over email.

FORTE Free helps you manage and edit your score sheets, by extracting them from certain music files. You can use the application to compose new music sheets, then listen and send them to your friends via email, so that they can rate your compositions.