Fortissimo is a lightweight audio player that allows you to easily search for preferred tracks and save them in a playlist for later playback.

The application is relatively easy to setup and use, allowing you not only to search for audio files on your PC, but also to add them to a playlist with only a few clicks, via an integrated Playlist Editor (the “Setup/Edit” button on the bottom left corner offers fast access to it).

You can set a default folder where you keep your music files, but the application can also be used to look for other similar files in various directories on your computer.

As soon as the app has discovered the tracks you have on your drives, you can choose to save a playlist that includes all of them.

Already created playlists can be opened for editing within the application itself, enabling you to easily add more files to them or to delete some of those that have been included there before. Locating specific tracks in a list is as simple as it gets, courtesy of a “Search Playlist” function at the top of the Playlist Editor.

Fortissimo comes with support for half a dozen audio files, including MP3, MP2, WMA, or WAV, and can search for all files on your computer that feature such an extension. However, if you have songs saved in a different format and you want to play them in this app, you're out of luck.

The application can also display animations for the tracks it plays, in a “Song Window” that provides you with a series of customization capabilities too. You can also get details about the current track and preview the album cover image with ease.

The player offers access to a variety of playback options, including the possibility to jump back and forth between tracks, to have them played randomly, or to repeat one or all songs. All these options are accessible via keyboard shortcuts as well.

All in all, Fortissimo can easily become the audio player of your choice, provided that the music files on your computer are compatible with it and you are willing to spend some money on it. The software allows you to easily create playlists, edit existing ones and customize your listening experience, all from an easy-to-use interface.