Preserving privacy and anonymity while browsing the Internet is something many users try to achieve and for this reason there are many solutions at their disposal. One of the methods that yields the best results is the use of a VPN connection.

Directing traffic through such a link makes it almost impossible for someone to trace your steps or gain access to your personal data. If creating and configuring a VPN server seems too much of a hassle for you, there are some applications that are especially designed to take care of that for you.

One of them goes by the name of FoxyVPN and through a friendly interface it makes it possible for any user to shield the Internet connection. After logging into your account, the available servers will be at your disposal so you can choose any of them to route all the traffic through that connection.

In case manually changing the servers is too tedious of a job, FoxyVPN has an option to change the IP addresses automatically after a time interval you specify. Your current address is displayed at all times in the corresponding field inside the main window of the utility.

Insofar as the servers used by this software are concerned, you get some useful data in the special area that accommodates the full list. Thus, you can view not only the location but also the number of IPs available per server as well as the signal strength, to help you in deciding which one is best suited for you.

All things considered, thanks to a really friendly and simple approach, FoxyVPN can be a nice addition to the utility belt of many users, especially for those with less experience because it is very easy to work with.