Even though the average age of Internet users has expanded in both directions, users starting their online journey at an early age do need to be supervised since they tend to be vulnerable to a multitude of threats.

That is why software solutions such as FrazzleMail do exist, offering children a comfortable way of getting in touch with friends and family while letting parents keep an eye on their activity.

Before anything else, you need to know that FrazzleMail is an email client addressing children who want to have an online identity protected by the vigilant eye of their parents.

The parent is the one who needs to indicate their email address first and configure the accounts of their children while also having close at hand a series of settings influencing the mail client’s behavior. For instance, you can specify how often you want it to check for new emails, following what interval emails should be removed from trash, and more.

By default, the program comes with some audio effects that should make it quite fun especially for kids, but while logged in the parent mode, you can also disable them.

As for how you get to filter the contacts your child gets in contact with, there is a trusted list that you can manage as you see fit and that limits their interactions to persons you know. What’s more, you also have the option to blacklist specific words included in emails, with the possibility of being notified whenever your child is faced with inappropriate language.

The program’s interface is lightweight so that it offers the child a limited set of features, all of them centered around sending and receiving emails. There is also the possibility of editing the text they are handling, but it’s nothing impressive. Turning text to bold, italics, underlining or aligning it, as well as creating lists should be it. Inserting images or attaching files is not on the feature list.

All in all, FrazzleMail is an easy-to-use mail client banking on parents’ need to supervise the way their children communicate online. It proved responsive during our tests, and no annoyances were experienced, but its GUI remains modest from an aesthetic point of view.