We all know just how much strain reading online can put on one's eyes, and staying laser-focused without accidentally skipping words, having to re-read paragraphs, and generally losing focus can be somewhat challenging, especially if the texts in questions are bulky.

Reader extensions are not a novelty anymore, and the Chrome Web Store already offers a ton of good options. However, reader extensions that are actually (even partially) have a bit of science behind them are.

This is where Fready, with its scientifically designed reading pointer, comes into play.

A decent reader tool should have the following qualities: it should allow you to read texts more easily, and it should offer enough flexibility in terms of spacing, font selection, and background removal.

That said, Fready is not your ordinary reading tool. It does boast everything that's stated above and more. The main selling point for this reading tool is its "pointer."

For example, you can customize the pointer to perfectly fit your preferences. You can choose between various font types, you can select the color for the pointer, as well as the overall look and feel of the thing.

A great aspect of the tool has to do with the fact that you can fully adjust the pace's speed (words per minute). The extension also comes equipped with something called Auto Scroll, which allows you to keep on reading for minutes and hours on end without ever having to touch the keyboard.

The pacer is also designed to recognize and automatically adjust the reading speed based on the word context, or the word's difficulty. Just like most modern extensions, Fready also has a dashboard. This is the place where you can view all sorts of useful statistics, including your reading habits.

Well, for starters, it's a new product, so expect the extension to evolve and maybe change a little in the future. Furthermore, it's worth pointing out that the reader itself takes a fair bit before it fully loads. It's not the smoothest process, but the tool more than makes up for this drawback thanks to its set of unique features.

Lastly, if you want to use this extension for books and you want to make sure you get early access to upcoming features, you'll have to pay a modest monthly fee.

Taking everything into account, if you're an avid online reader, then you should definitely check out this extension. It really does help make a difference when it comes to improving the pace and overall concentration while you read. Furthermore, it really feels like a product designed by people who really wanted to make something better than what is currently available out there.