Audio files come under a whole range of formats, depending on the encoder used to put the pieces together. Each comes with its own quality specifications, and you can encounter limitations when trying to use them in particular situations. As such, Free Audio Converter comes with the means to help you convert to the format you need.

You start off in a clean, modern interface which doesn’t pose any accommodation problems. Files can be added either through a drag and drop operation, or through the browse dialog. It’s possible to convert multiple files at a time, with the queue displayed in most of the widow space. Selection of output is easily done through a drop-down menu.

As the name suggests, the application takes care of conversion between a variety of audio formats. On the bright side of things, input can also come from video files, with support for an impressive variety when it comes to input of both audio and video files. Output, however, only delivers the audio layer.

Converting multiple files is done to the same format, without any options for individual output configuration of items on the list. As mentioned, the format is selected from a drop-down menu, with options for MP3, FLAC, WMA, AAC, and M4A. The options panel can be used to specify a custom save location for converted files.

Apart from the output format, you can also choose one of several quality profiles, depending on the type. Conversion time only depends on the length and amount of files. The output folder can be brought up at the press of a button by the end of the operation.

Bottom line is that various services have strict file upload or usage rules, one of which is format. As such, Free Audio Converter lets you find the one you need and convert in an effortless operation, which can also deliver files under particular quality settings.