Free PC Backup Fix will allow you to backup all your personal files, folders, email messages, registry, fonts, address book, favorites, etc., all that with just a few clicks!!

The application has clean and friendly interface that promotes easy approach while taking backup and even a novice user can use this application efficiently and smartly.

The application uses its advanced backup logic to take backup of user's important data efficiently. It provides the user with four types of backup options - Normal backup, Copy backup, Incremental backup and Differential Backup.

With this application, the user has the freedom to take backup of its own files and folders. Application maintains a list of all your customized backups.

All you have to do is to just select any backup from the list and Free PC Backup Fix updates all the backup files automatically.

The application permits user to take backup on your local system or anywhere in LAN or remote ftp server. It also supports storage on external devices like CD or DVD to broaden storage space options.

Restore data from the backup list is as easy task as taking backup. You just have to select the backup list and perform the simple step by step procedure to restore your important data.

You can restore the full backup list or only a section of your backup list depending upon your requirement.

You can schedule Free PC Backup Fix application to take backup daily, weekly, monthly or any allotted day and time. You can also create multiple schedules if you have more than one backup requirement in future.

Free PC Backup Fix application; is a small, yet effective application and assist you in taking backup with just a single click.

Here are some key features of "Free Back Up Fix":

■ Simple Guided Process for Beginners and Professionals. Backups have never been so easy!

■ Protects Desktop Computers, Servers, Notebooks and Network Shares

■ Backs up to CD/DVD, Hard Drive, Networks and more

■ Bootable Disaster Recovery CD/DVD creation gets your system back up and running in the event of a system crash

■ Open File Backups in Windows XP and 2003 enables files to be backed even as it's being changed by users or applications.

■ Automatic Scheduled Backups set your computer to protect your data at any time so you don't have to be worry about when you should have backed up.

■ Fully supports Single Server Edition for Windows 2000 and 2003 Standard Server editions.

■ Open File Backup for Windows XP and 2003 enables you to backup most files that are in use by applications and users.


■ At least 64 MB RAM.

■ 10 MB of free space on hard drive.