If you want to boost your website visibility and provide a quick and clean redirect to your domain, Free Indexer can be the right tool for that.

Free Indexer comes with a fresh-looking interface that can make the work time short and enjoyable. The main components of the tool are the two preview tabs, one for file info and one for the "backlink," where you can see a list of all URLs detected.

The upper part of the interface has four big and colorful button for uploading and running your files. Three counters are observed on the lower portion; "LPM," (lines per minute) "Success," "Failed."

Free Indexer automatically submits all of your "backlinks" to statistic sites, a process that results in more links or pyramids. By indexing all those URLs, any page, no matter the country or location will have a redirect link to your main Websites, boosting the traffic.

Avoiding manual submission and work, the visibility of your website is getting higher with every "backlink" processed. You can also check the result by opening a random external link to see if your website URL is displayed. Please note that some links auto-redirect the guest and others need clicking.

You can test the program's functions by going to the Free Indexer homepage and load your links file(TXT format is mandatory) for a quick, practical review.

Free Indexer uses an automatically submission process that sends your URLs to over 15,000 statistic sites which provide more one-way backlinks and rapidly gets them indexed by search engines. The simple interface and automated process can grow on inexperienced users as well as more advanced ones.

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