There are a multitude of nefarious circumstances that could render your iOS data inaccessible, but the software market seems aware of this and has responded accordingly, providing users with lots of applications that should help them sort things out.

Free iTunes Backup Extractor is one such program that resorts to an iTunes backup file to recover lost data in no time.

The software utility’s GUI is minimalist, which makes it suitable for all users alike, no matter how skilled they are at technical tasks since the effort they need to invest in the recovery process is rather limited.

To be more specific, all they need to do is select the iTunes backup file they are interested in, at which point, they are prompted with a new window enabling them to indicate the type of data they want the program to analyze. Note that the app can handle password-protected iTunes backup files as well.

Contacts, camera roll, app photos, app videos, messages, attachments, call history, notes, Whatsapp content, reminders, calendar, Safari bookmarks, and more can be salvaged using this tool that also enables you to preview any item before deciding whether or not it is worth the trouble of recovering it.

At this point, there is nothing left for you to do than initiate the restoration of your files, with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod data being redirected to a location of your choice, on your computer.

On an ending note, Free iTunes Backup Extractor is a handy solution for those experiencing issues when trying to access their iOS data, with the program being able to recover any content by relying on an iTunes backup file.