If you own a computer that can be accessed by multiple users, especially children, you might consider monitoring its activity.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide variety of third-party software solutions that can help you achieve quick results with minimum efforts. One of the applications mentioned above is Free Keylogger.

You can install this program on your computer without great difficulty since it does not require you to perform any additional or advanced configuration steps.

Its user interface is minimalistic and comes with neatly organized and straightforward functions, thus proving itself to be highly accessible for a broad range of users. After you first run it, you need to set a hotkey combination that you will use to display or hide its. The default key combination is Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F.

Free Keylogger can help you monitor other users' activity on your computer in a quick, convenient way. In order to accomplish that, little configuration is needed, especially if you need to use certain functions, such as password protection or email log delivery.

The application captures all the keystrokes and saves them in a log file, thus providing you with useful insight. More so, it is possible that you can set a password so that others cannot access its main window by accidentally pressing the defined key combination.

Aside from enabling you to display local log files, this application can also send these documents directly to your email address, if you provide it with valid credentials.

You just need to specify the time interval the program sends you the reports, choose a preset email server or use a custom one and type a valid email address and password.

As a conclusion, Free Keylogger is a simple utility that can help you monitor your PC's activity easily by recording keystrokes and saving them into local log files or emailing reports to you via email. Its user interface is highly simplistic and features straightforward functions that are organized neatly.