Free MKV to AVI Converter is a simple, yet efficient application that serves to batch convert a list of MKV files to AVI format quickly and preserving the quality of the originals as much as possible.

MKV’s features, as a format, exceed those of AVI. It’s more sophisticated, provides support for a wider array of compression formats, being able to embed high definition streams, whereas AVI is more popular, but less rich in what media options is concerned.

Despite its superiority, MKV is rarely on the list of supported formats for modern playback devices, which requires that you convert such files to comply with the requirements of your player. Seeing as AVI is one of the most popular formats on the market, converting the videos to such a format seems like a decent idea.

Free MKV to AVI Converter is one candidate for the job, managing to provide a simple and efficient approach to video conversion.

Featuring a simple interface, the application allows you to add the video files using the dedicated menu or alternatively, by drag and drop. You can also add an entire folder of clips, in order to minimize the efforts of manually adding each file.

Once you add them, the videos will be displayed in a list along details such as duration and size. By default, the output folder is My Documents, but you can change that with a simple click.

The conversion process is fast, but keep in mind that large video files will take longer to convert and the more videos in the list, the lengthier the process will be. The upper advantage is that the quality of the originals is preserved to the highest level possible.

On an ending note, Free MKV to AVI Converter comes across as a very simple application that carries out conversion tasks quickly and efficiently. Of course, a better design and more customization options would definitely add up to its value.