Adding watermarks to your PDF files does not need to be a tiresome task. You only need to make sure you use the appropriate software utility, such as Free PDF Watermark.

This application is addressed to both beginners and experts, so it comes as no surprise that its main window is as straightforward as it can be.

Its looks might even seem a little bit underwhelming, yet you can easily find your way around its functions.

You need to start by selecting the documents you want to watermark. You cannot drag and drop the files onto the main window, so the only way to add the PDFs to the list is to manually browse to their location.

If you want to process a password-protected document, you simply need to enter the correct password and it will be watermarked together with the other PDFs.

As soon as you have added all the PDFs you want to stamp, you can move on to the next step, that of personalizing the watermarks.

When dealing with a text stamp, you need to enter the text message, adjust the font size and color, as well as the opacity level and the rotation angle.

If you prefer graphic watermarks, you can use one of your JPG, BMP or PNG images, then modify the opacity as you see fit. Moreover, you can choose the rotation angle as well, however, you cannot preview the result until you actually complete the watermarking process.

You can also define the page range for applying whatever watermark you require.

All in all, Free PDF Watermark is a handy application for overlaying watermarks onto your PDFs. You can configure several templates, then switch between them with ease.