When handling a lot of Word files, especially those that contain important and/or sensitive information, it is good to have them protected. Uploading them to secure drives is an option, but it can turn into a hassle.

An easy way of doing it is to simply password-protect them. While it is an easy solution, some may be afraid of forgetting or losing the code. Well, in case that does happen, you could easily use Free Word Password Recovery.

With a pretty interface and efficient decryption process, this program can be a life-saver when it comes to unlocking Word documents that you do not have the password for anymore.

To get started, you need to locate the file on your PC. After that, you just need to select the attack method and then let the program do its job.

Basically, the program will just try one character combination after the other until it finds the right one. You could do that yourself, but it would take you ages.

For the process, you can use one of three methods. First, the brute force mode, which basically attempts every single character combination possible.

The second one is the mask attack. Similar to the first method, in this mode, the application will use all the possible combinations with the characters you configure it to use. For example, if you are certain it didn't contain any numbers, you can set it so it won't use them.

The third mode is the dictionary method. With this one, the program will use an inbuilt or personalized dictionary to find the correct word. This is the shortest method, but it will only work if you are certain that the password is one of those words.

Regardless if you are using multiple codes for lots of files or had only used one for a single document, it is possible to forget the password. If it does happen, then you can be sure that Free Word Password Recovery will help you remember it.