Since the beginning of time, humans tried to come up with various public transportation, thinking of new means to move around much faster, as well as accommodate more people into one single car. With time, the automobile industry developed modern and fast cars, especially for speed enthusiasts and for the wealthy business individuals.

Freebking Lotus Screensaver is a handy app that comes bundled with several amazing Lotus cars, to decorate your monitor with modern vehicles. In addition, it brings an adventurous and lively atmosphere, thanks to its combinations of blue, yellow, and red colors.

The setup requires a few clicks, and it's over before you know. Right after it's done, it automatically integrates into the Windows Screensaver window, making it easier to test it. It's wrapped in a simple and user-friendly layout that comes with a single panel, where you can view each image, and access the settings.

The pictures can be directly set as default wallpaper, but, sadly, they can't be changed with others. The settings pane comes with some generic options, such as enable the background music, sound effects, and DirectX for faster and smoother animations. In addition, you are able to choose the desired quality from high, normal, and slow, along with the image size (e.g. stretched, original).

The photo slideshow shuffle can be selected to be sequential, random, or single, while the duration between images set to a specific number of seconds. Plus, it's possible to adjust the animation speed, by dragging the slider, and enable the clock and its position (top right, bottom left). Compared with other similar utilities, the app lets you enter your own custom songs, by browsing their location on the computer, and arrange them in the desired order.

To sum it up, Freebking Lotus Screensaver is an entertaining and easy-to-use application designed to bring a daring and refreshing mood to all the Lotus cars lovers and to nicely decorate your desktop.