If you often download data from the Internet, your computer might get infected with many potentially malicious files that gradually hog your resources and make your PC run slower.

This is why it always come in handy to scan your computer on a regular basis, to detect and remove all suspicious items. FreeFixer Portable is one of the utilities that can be of use in this situation, especially if you have advanced PC skills.

The application does not need to be installed onto the host computer, so you can copy it on your removable USB stick and run it whenever you want to thoroughly examine the PC you are working on.

When running FreeFixer Portable, you need to give it some time to perform an in-depth analysis that can take several minutes to complete, especially if you have a large HDD.

After the scanning process has been completed, you can explore the results and remove the ones you are certain are malicious.

FreeFixer Portable displays all detected browser helper objects (BHOs), scheduled tasks and registry startups, along with the currently running processes and installed services. It also enables you to review the modules loaded into Svchost.exe, Explorer.exe, IExplore.exe and shell services.

At this point, you need to rely on your own personal knowledge and expertise to identify which entries need to be removed from your computer because you know them as being malicious or simply unnecessary.

All in all, FreeFixer Portable can prove to be highly reliable to all the users who want to analyze the potentially malicious files on their machines. Next, it is up to them to select the ones that are legit and to remove the ones that are not.