FreePlay is a lightweight software solution designed to help professional or beginner musicians to enable audio accompaniment to their MIDI input device in a convenient way.

Users are required to own a supported input device, such as a MIDI keyboard so that the program can simulate the functionality of an arranger keyboard.

This technique allows users to benefit from the complex functionality of an advanced instrument without actually owning expensive tools.

FreePlay can be installed with ease, as it does not require any form of additional configuration. Musicians can easily access its functions since they are not complicated, nor hidden within the interface.

The main window of the application comes with an extensive set of functions that range from tempo adjustments to octaves, sync, chord octaves, voices and style selection. Enabling a desired function can be achieved by clicking it.

Users can load or save configuration profiles by hitting the corresponding buttons and browsing to the source or destination path, according to the situation.

It is possible to access an advanced configuration window where musicians can browse and modify advanced parameters, for a more in-depth experience. Among the settings, users can find chorus, reverb, pan, velocity, tempo or auto-fill.

A more simple configuration window allows less complicated customization by toggling certain functions on or off. For instance, users can choose to emulate various features, such as sustain, XG drums or mega voices. Additionally, they can alter style-related settings, by toggling the usage of volume, tempo, drum kit, expression, messages or effects.