Freestyle is an application that enables you to manage and organize all your plugins, VST instruments and FX effects seamlessly into macros that you can use both on stage and in the studio.

Following a straightforward setup, you are welcomed by a well-structured and appealing interface that is easy to navigate and manage. You will be happy to learn that the tool comes with an intuitive browser that acts as a central access point for loading presets, samples, instruments and FX effects.

The interface also features an explorer function that enables you to seamlessly browse through the files and directories on your computer and find the effects you need for your tracks. Alternatively, you can   drag and drop instruments and effects directly into the rack. As you probably hinted, the Rack view is the primary workspace where you will build and edit your patches.

The idea behind the program is to provide you with a versatile environment where you can manage, organize, split and join the plugins so you can build patches that can be easily used in various situations. Not only can you create macros that you can effortlessly deploy on stage, but they are also great for the times when you are fooling around in the studio.

It is worth mentioning that the application provides you with 8 macro-control knobs for creating your plugin macros. In fact, the utility includes a feature that enables you to automatically map the next 8 controls you touch to the knobs, an option that can save a lot of time and make things overall simpler.

Then again, you should keep in mind that the app enables you to map anything anywhere, so there are no restriction from this point of view. Moreover, the Stucture View allows you to enjoy limitless routing possibilities.

All in all, Freestyle is a small, but handy piece of software that supports the creative flow of artists who enjoy working in a flexible environment where all their effects, instruments and plugins are readily available.