French LiP (Language Instructor program) is a complete French language learning package. French LiP starts off with the alphabet first, but its true mission is to give you the skill required to reach fluency: the ability to recognize, speak, hear and understand practical phrases, expressions and conversations.

LiP is for those who wish to begin speaking right away, because its focus is on real-world phrases and expressions. Each phrase is spoken not only in French, but also in English for reinforcement. It has a unique system of literal translation in which each expression is decomposed into its most logical literal equivalent, conveying the grammar structure used to create the expression.

The flashcard mode enables you to test your comprehension by prompting you to recall a phrase. LiP divides its objective into a series of 7 steps, or levels, for the user to complete.

The Super Practice Mode in step 3 guarantees your success through a process of re-association in which the expressions that you don't know are added in a manageable and systematic manner.

Steps 5 and 6 of the program gives proficiency in the rudimentary composition of the expressions. Each expression is broken down word for word and the user is given instruction on each individual word, its meaning, and also how it groups together with the other words to form the expression itself.

Step 7 is a mastery game which tests your knowledge giving instant feedback -- and ensures that you fine-tune your skills to achieve a mastery by which you can speak the French expressions easily, effortlessly and with absolute fluency.

LiP is structured into several master lessons. Each master lesson gives the user 42 expressions and approximately 350 words ranging from a variety of different topics such as saying hello, to family structure, time, food, numbers, and colors.


■ 50 credits

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