Automating a task not only does it increase the efficiency in any working environment, but also frees up some precious time in your schedule. Various computer applications dedicated to specific domains and services make the whole process easier, with Friend Adder Elite being dedicated to social media.

In order to properly put the application to good use, you need to provide account credentials for the network you want to tweak. Some of the most popular platforms are support, leaving you to choose from MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Hi5, Bebo and Tagged.

This is easily done in a dedicated section where all you need to do is input the account name, as well as the password, with the possibility to save multiple entries. Depending on the selected social network, several tabs are made available so that you can manage the protocol's messenger, gather IDs, send requests and more.

Once you're logged in, you can start making adjustments. The main window is split into two sections, features mentioned above constantly being displayed in one end, while the other hosts two web page tabs, in which details are update and the page you are connected to refreshed, while you are free to use the other for whatever you see fit.

For a successful process, you might want to gather up some IDs first of all. You can choose what to do with entries, with the possibility to export the list to a file for later use. The application lets you use either recently gathered contacts, or import a custom list you can manually create as a TXT file.

Sending messages or posting on person's wall, for instance, gives you the possibility to write down a custom message or have one randomly sent from a local folder. However, we weren't able to accomplish but a simple message sending task in our tests, even if run on multiple social networks. Moreover, a disturbingly large amount of system resources are used and you might want to think twice before triggering any activity.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Friend Adder Elite comes equipped with a solid idea suitable for business social pages that constantly need advertising, but the overall implementation of features leaves more to be desired. There's no integrated manual to get you up and running and while figuring things out, your computer might run out of memory because of the high demands.