Frontlets is an inspirational Bible screen saver that randomly displays Bible verses every "x" seconds in LARGE hi- resolution graphics. It is sure to draw the attention of others!

Screen colors and fonts can be customized to you tastes. Has KJV, NIV and RSV translations, plus you can add your own verses to the database.

Supports password protection.

Frontlets will randomly display Bible verses in large, easy to read letters on your screen. As a screen saver, the program will activate after a user specified time interval of keyboard inactivity. When the screen saver activates, a different Bible verse appears every 10-60 seconds until interrupted by keyboard or mouse activity. Frontlets displays the Bible verses in large letters so that they can be seen by others clearly halfway across a room.

Frontlets will surely attract a passerby's attention. The screen saver can also be customized to display your choice of background colors and fonts.

Here are some key features of "Frontlets":

■ Scroll verses from right to left across your screen

■ Display left or center justified verses in their entirety on your screen

■ Use random colored backgrounds and fonts

■ Use any font style and font size you wish

■ Display a new verse every 10-60 seconds

■ Password protect your computer (keep your computer secure while you are away from your PC)