FS Backup - the simplest and most effective solution to avoid any data losses.

No setup and very simple configuration. Works for a single computer, a local network or even for FTP backups. FS Backup is a very useful and free data backup solution.


■ No setup : just copy the executable file into a shared directory on the master station of your network (the server for example) and execute the program through the network share.

■ The program starts automatically every time you restart a computer and log in (an icon appears on the tray icon bar near the clock).

■ Minimal Configuration and parameters :Just choose a directory that will contain all your backups and choose on each workstation which directories you want to backup.

■ Centralized configuration : no matter how many workstations you have on your network it takes only a few minutes to configure all the parameters.

■ Data confidentiality : you can choose if you want to encrypt your data or not.

■ You are sure then that even on distant FTP backups no one will open your files.

■ Data compression (bzip2):Your data files will be 3 or 4 time smaller when backed up.

■ Database backup : with FS BackUp you can backup all kinds of server based databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL,...). You just have to configure the stop and restart scripts.

■ Differential backup :Every day FS BackUp only stores new or updated files ,thus avoiding disk space losses. And you can backup several versions of your files and maintain the history. You can then restore any version of your files.

■ Automatic updates : FS BackUp checks once a day if a new version is available on our server and then downloads it. FS BackUp then restarts itself without your intervention and you have the last version !