FTP Maker is a software utility that provides users with a simple means of creating an FTP uploader package with a custom logo of your company.

The installation process proves to run quite seamlessly, as it does not bring any kind of unpleasant surprises and it does not last very long. Once you finalize it, you come face to face with a simple and straightforward GUI, which only encloses a few buttons, a menu bar and some boxes. It becomes quite clear that all user categories can find their way around it, including those with little or no previous experience with the IT world.

What strikes us first, is that unlike normal FTP clients, this software program requires you to input and tweak a small amount of parameters. To be more accurate, you just have to input the server, port and directory. In addition to that, you can insert a username and password, yet going with an anonymous user is also possible.

From the settings panel, you can choose to create a single ZIP file with a custom prefix, generate FCV.DAT only, show the FTP address and configuration in the resulted uploader, and enable a passive mode.

Once all configurations are suitable to your tastes, you can import your company logo, in a PNG, GIF or JPG format, as well as test the connection with just a click of the button.

All in all, FTP Maker proves to be a pretty simple, yet useful piece of software when it comes to creating FTP uploader packages. The interface is accessible to everybody, the response time is good and the amount of resources necessary is quite low.